LGV Driver Training

LGV categories :  

Category C1  

Rigid vehicle, limited to driving up to 7.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight.

Category C  

Rigid vehicle, over 7.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Weight.

Category C + E

Cat C +  trailer, over 750kg (must already hold category C entitlement).

Training includes :-

Driving tuition to practical test standard.
Coupling and Uncoupling (If Cat C + E ).

Please follow the DVLA link or see below for Licensing details.
Licencing details for PCV / LGV

A provisional licence must be obtained in order to start training. The
application forms D2 and D4 will be sent to you once you have
decided to go ahead with the training.

The D2 form is an application form to have a provisional entitlement
for LGV/PCV added to your licence, it has to be completed by you.

The D4 form is the Medical Report; this has to be completed in the
presence of a doctor by both of you.

Once both forms have been completed send them to:

The Vocational Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 19R.

Candidates must complete both a theory test and practical test in
order to obtain any licence. You should also apply for your theory test
as soon as you receive your licence back from Swansea. Your theory
test will cost £20.50.  We recommend you read the book "The Official
Theory Test for Large Vehicle Drivers".

Please visit the DSA and DVLA websites following the links for
further information.
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LGV Driver Training

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