Why is training Necessary ?

Providing training shows you are committed to investing in your
workforce. It will provide the necessary skills required, which in turn
can help profitability and productivity. Individuals are motivated and
remain interested in their roles.

There is a legal obligation to provide all employees adequate training
in the tasks that they perform.

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What will I get at the end of my course ?

At the end of all of the courses, providing you meet the standards through
assessment, you will be issued with an accredited certificate.

If LGV/PCV, you will be issued with a new driver licence with the category
to drive the vehicle type you have trained for.

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Are all of your courses accredited ?

Yes. All of our courses are accredited and recognised by the
Health and Safety Executive.

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How old must I be to operate a lift truck ?

As stated in the  Approved Code of Practice 2005, “Employers should
select potential lift-truck operators carefully. Those selected for training
need to have the ability to do the job in a responsible manner and the
potential to become competent operators”. With regards to specific age
restrictions for the operation of lift trucks, the ACOP outlines that -
“Operators of lift trucks on docks premises must be aged at least 18 years”

On alternative premises it is stated that -
“Young persons (under 18 years of age) are often exposed to risks to their
health and safety when using work equipment as a consequence of their
immaturity, lack of experience or absence of awareness of existing or
potential risks. Therefore, such young people should not be allowed to
operate lift trucks without adequate supervision unless they have the
necessary competence and maturity, as well as having successfully
completed appropriate training. Children under minimum school leaving
age should never operate lift trucks"

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I have lost my certificate, can I get a copy ?

Yes. If we have trained you then a duplicate can be applied for. There
is a small cost for this. If you were not trained by us, then you will need
to go back to your previous training provider.

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How do I prove my Driver CPC hours ?

At the end of each module, you will issued with a certificate. The hours
of attendance are also uploaded to DSA (Driving Standards Agency).
You can also check on DVLA website at anytime to see what modules you
have covered, who the training provider was and the date of attendance.

Once you have completed the full 35 hrs, you will be issued with a driver
qualification card.

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I have passed my forklift course, so can I operate any lift truck ?

No. You should only operate machines that you have been assessed
and met the standards for. There are conversion courses available
for most types of forklift.

See our conversion course for further details.

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Can you provide training on our site ?

Yes. We would need a room for theory elements of the course and an
area set aside from the main work activities for the practical elements.

We would be required to conduct a risk assessment and have written
authorisation to operate your vehicles.

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What will my training cover ?

All of our courses follow a strict syllabus and will cover all aspects for the
machine type.

If you would like a copy of the syllabus, then c
ontact us

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Are there any written tests ?

Each of the courses we offer will require a theory test. We can conduct
these tests verbally if required. You should let your instructor know asap if
there are any particular learning requirements.

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