Abrasive Wheels
Powered abrasive equipment is sometimes essential in the workplace
but is growing in popularity in domestic environments. Unfortunately the
number of accidents and incidents related to poor practice, defective
equipment and a general misunderstanding of the power, speed and
the force associated with abrasive operations, is also rising.

Our abrasive wheels course is designed to provide the skills, knowledge
and practice necessary to operate powered equipment in a safe and
efficient manner. This is in accordance with best practice and meets the
legal and moral obligations of the employer and employee

The course covers the following :

Legislative requirements -

HASAW Act 1974
PUWER 1998

Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels.  
Correct use of PPE and limitations.
Identification of component markings and applications.
Equipment inspection maintenance and reporting procedures.
Wheel Mounting procedures.   .
Wheel maintenance including dressing techniques for Bench/Pedistal

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will receive an
accredited certificate to demonstrate competence and level of attainment.


½ day including ongoing support and assessment

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